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Thanks for stopping by to see more of what I'm about.

A Nature lover since childhood, my calling for now is to share with all who will lend an ear about the many ways it is necessary (if not dire) for us to begin waking up from the mass amnesia of our culture, our society.
Many have forgotten the importance of staying close to Nature and her rhythms.  We see the results of this everywhere we turn, and within our own bodies.

After spending over half of my life studying close to Nature's heart and attentively observing all that I can, it is my hope to share this knowledge with others.

At age 15, I experienced an awakening of sorts.  I began questioning reality, existence, life, death.  I learned there are other ways to explore my spirituality besides religion.  I became enthralled in paganism & wicca.  The magic I was incredibly fortunate* to experience as a child (*privilege awareness) had a second coming, as I pored through information about being in harmony with the Earth through these models.
Learning that we can find our soul's connection through Nature was an absolute benchmark point in my life and has continued to inspire and inform all that I do, to this day.

At around age 17, I wandered into Half Price Books, ambled over to their Metaphysical/Spiritual section, closed my eyes, stuck out a finger, and decided that whichever book it landed on should be my next lesson.  That book was "Awakening the Buddha Within," by Lama Surya Das.  A fascinating read that introduced me to my own self-awareness and the need for it.  In true "white girl in the suburbs" form, no doubt.  But the discovery of this book has brought me into a close playfulness and curiosity with eastern philosophies.  I feel there is still so much to learn.

I also attended the Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism (ASHH),  in 2011 and received my Certificate in Herbalism and Plant Energies.

In all areas of my curiosity, interests, and sharing, I wish to remain respectful to the original practitioners and explorers of the cultures and traditions that I pull my inspiration from.  I will work hard to be thorough about my sourcing and credibility and always appreciate being informed about any incorrect or missing information in all I do.

I hope to meet other Nature lovers, cosmic drifters, magicians, explorers,
and all those who keep their magic spark alive
~Green Blessings~