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2019 Free Bridgeville Library Classes!

  • Bridgeville Public Library 505 McMillen Street Bridgeville, PA USA (map)

This is the hub of all things Bridgeville Library Class-Related!

It’s a bit much to create some 20ish individual class pages here, for each and every class, so consider this the one page for all information!

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I will update this page throughout the teaching season (which, for me, is April - October!) So KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!

First, a little information about the classes.

  • All classes are held inside the library, either in the community room on your left as you enter the building, or in the back near the fireplace. Sometimes location changes without notice, and for those days I’m sorry for any confusion! Also sometimes the weather is perfect and we hang out on the back patio. The lovely folks at the front desk will always be able to inform you where we are if you can’t find us!

  • All classes are free! Thank you BPL!!! Give them your love and support them when possible! They make this entire series a reality for so many people!!!!

  • All classes run from 6pm-7pm, usually with time for questions afterward.

  • Most classes come with printouts, but bring a notebook and pen for your personal notes!

    Registration for the classes can get confusing, but as a general rule, registering through the library’s website enables them to see how many people our herbal army contains! You can also RSVP on our meetup page!

  • Sometimes we do plant walks at local parks. I will be adding these in here as they develop! You will be able to find this information in several places: here, on the one page to rule them all, also on the BPL’s event page, on the meetup page, and hopefully on my facebook page. Sometimes the meetup or facebook pages fall a little behind. It’s nothing personal, I just don’t always like being online (lol). Forgive me.

I have hopes to attempt recording some of these courses this year. This depends on my acquiring a video camera and my ability to record. These things are not guaranteed, but I will inform everyone before recording so you can hide if you like, or do a little dance.



Thursday, 4/11- Single Plant Series: CLEAVERS!

We will discuss all we can cover about Galium spp. (Cleavers) in one hour!  Cleavers are a lovely gently lymphatic, and they like to start growing in this region in April!  The single plant series is one of my most popular series, where we focus on one plant at a time and really get to know each plant!  Be on the lookout for more in this series!

Anatomy & Physiology 101 for Herbalists & Herb Enthusiasts (A 17-part series!)
For beginners & intermediate learners.  (An excellent series for returning listeners of my classes!) This is a new series I'm releasing this year!  Based off of an 8-week course of study through the Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials with Tammi Sweet.  I completed this course over the winter and am set to share what I've learned!  Custom-made for taking herbal medicine & our understanding of it a few steps further. You do not need to be a practicing herbalist or anything fancy.  And it will be anything but boring!  These classes through the library will be one hour long, but I will be looking to offer the classes in a more in-depth way throughout the year.  Come gain a better understanding of how the body works so that we can all apply our herbal knowledge as best as we can!
***There will be lots of take-home notes!
***These classes will be listed as “A&P Series Pt #”
***You do not need to attend every single one. But why wouldn’t you want to? :-)

Thursday, 4/18-
A&P Series Pt. 1:
Basic Chemistry of Herbs (NOT BORING!)
I've built this short intro course simply as a quick refresher of basic science to help us get through the rest of the series!  We'll discuss the bare bones definitions and ideas of cells, tissues, and the molecules of life.

Wednesday, 4/24-
A&P Series Pt. 2:
Skin & Wound Healing: The Integumentary System
Our first bodily system to cover, the skin!  (Are we covering it, or is it covering us? And other questions!)  As many of you know, the skin is one of our best routes to administer plant medicines.  Our largest organ, there is much to cover about how we can best utilize this system and effectively heal our wounds!


Wednesday, 5/8-
A&P Series Pt. 3:
Digestive System (& Herbs to Help)
Here we will discuss some of the workings of our digestive system, how it functions, problems that typically occur, and herbs to help heal our gut and maintain gut health!

Wednesday, 5/22-
BOTANY 101 Pt. 1:
Understanding Plant Classifications
This is technically a new series, too. I just feel weird making huge announcements about all new series here! You’ll see the announcements on facebook if you’re there! This series will walk us through the basic understandings of botany and why it’s important in the world! We’ll begin with plant classification methods (today’s class), then we’ll move into plant parts, eventually working through basic plant families. Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of this series!

To Register, call the BPL at 412-221-3737
or sign up HERE

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