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DIY Elderberry Syrup Workshop

  • Sunny Bridge Natural Foods 130 Gallery Drive Canonsburg, PA 15317 (map)

Yes you're reading that right-- all of these things create the environment formerly known as "flu season."

But trust me, it's not real.  In fact, in my years studying and exploring herbal medicine, I have witnessed many of my very close friends and loved ones develop colds and flu simply from being presented the ailment.  A co-worker has a cold.  Within moments of this being broadcast, there is always one or two people who almost instantaneously begin to feel a scratchy throat or sniffles.  It blows my mind every time.  The amount of psychological processes that goes on behind this is dizzying.

There are many ways to resolve this issue within ourselves.  One of these ways is to prepare ourselves for the colder nights and darkening days that so often seem to bring these ailments.  One of the very best, tried and true ways to do this is to befriend Elderberry!  Studied for well over a decade, Elderberry has proven time and time again to ease the symptoms of the flu and often prevent them altogether.  Interested in the studies?  This should provide you with some good ones:

Elderberry syrup is one of the easiest remedies we can make right at home.  And it will often last well into the next year, lest we not use it all!  I make a large batch and often give some away as gifts for the holidays.  Knowledgeable people appreciate it, ignorant people scoff (and then get sick all winter).  :-)  Karma has its way of working things out, doesn't it.

Anywho!  This class will be fun and informative as always!  Attendees will take home 1-2oz bottle of syrup and recipe to make it at home!  $15 covers all ingredient costs + worksheets.

Ways to Register:  (If you do not register, class may be cancelled without informing you!  We need to know who is attending and how to reach you, thank you!)

1. You can register online right here via paypal (though paypal charges an extra $1) or

2. You may call or stop by Sunny Bridge to register for no additional cost.  724-942-5800

3. Email me at to reserve your space + pay the day of class in person.  Cash only please.