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Foraging & Nature Skills Overnight Field Trip Workshop


Join us the weekend of Saturday, April 16 - Sunday, April 17th for a Nature Skills & Foraging event.

The location is still TBD, but it will most likely be held near the Seven Springs hiking/camping areas.

We will explore more than just foraging.  For this workshop, I will cover the following topics:

• Plant Energies

• Plant Communication

• Sustainable Foraging/Harvesting

• Selecting a proper campsite/making camp

•  Building campfire (as close to Leave No Trace methods as possible)

• Miscellaneous backpacking/camping skills

• Tick awareness & prevention

• Edible & Medicinal Plant Identification

• And Much More!!

Fore the sake of leaving no trace as best as we can, I'd like to limit the group to about 6-7 tents (so a max. of around 12-14 people) If you're flying solo, that is fine!  And if you're hammocking, we can certainly make room for you!  We will be spacing ourselves relatively far apart (50-100ft or so), so as not to impact any one particular area too much.

I would like us to all be able to meet AT OUR CHOSEN LOCATION (when it has been chosen!) around 11am on Saturday.  So most of us may have to leave an hour or so in advance of this.  I will try to have the location selected by March.

Our campfire will be relatively small and created as sustainably as possible.  I've often personally avoided making campfires when in the backcountry, but with a small group, it creates a nice community for sharing and talking about meaningful things :-) 

Possible carpooling arrangements!  Please let me know if you can OFFER carpool assistance or if you NEED carpool assistance. Let's help each other and bring as few cars as possible!

Check back for more details, and as always, feel free to message or email me with any questions!

Kids are free, if they are interested in attending & ready for the experience!

When registering through Paypal, an extra $1.50 fee applies. Email me to discuss other methods of registration at

Foraging Field Trip $41.50

I hope to see you there!!
Green Blessings!