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Following the Cycles of the Moon

  • Garden Dreams Urban Farm & Nursery 806 Holland Avenue Pittsburgh, PA, 15221 United States (map)
Moon Cycles $15

Join us for this incredible class all about the many ways we can follow the cycles, phases, and astrological signs of the moon, why it is important (and easy!) to stay connected this way to nature, and why/how such a connection can be useful and beneficial in your life.

This 2-hour workshop encompasses how we, as humans, are often influenced by our lunar neighbor and how we can re-arrange a few things in our lives to become more in tune with this experience.  We'll discuss how the phases, from full to new and back, often affect much about our energy and strengths and weaknesses.  We'll also discuss how the moon flows through astrological (zodiac) signs every few days and how this tends to show up around us.  (I have worked with the public for over a decade, and you might be surprised to hear how much anecdotal evidence I've collected over the years about the moon's influence on us...)

This is a class that men, women, and all in between may benefit from. But I do speak from my personal experience about how the moon affects me as a woman and my menstrual cycle.
I think men could powerfully benefit from this class too, if you have a female partner you would like to understand MUCH better, or if you'd like to understand women better in general!  And of course this is useful for ANYONE seeking to understand those who identify as female better too.  (We ARE otherwise mysterious creatures, sometimes!)

The moon will be WAXING in LEO the day of this class, which should be beneficial to our energy coming together as a group and manifesting some superpowers for the very powerful Capricorn full moon occurring two weeks later.  (I planned it this way intentionally!)

Come find  out how your event-and-life planning can ALL benefit from paying attention to this lunar force!!! 

Here are a couple of examples of how this system works:
1. If you are looking to interview for a new job, you may wish to plan this for a time when the moon is not "void" and ideally when the moon is in an energetic (waxing) phase.  It can also be beneficial to arrange for such an interview when the moon falls on an exalted sign of the zodiac (perhaps ambitious Capricorn or confident Leo)

2. If you are planning to go on a relaxation/meditation retreat or otherwise reflective vacation, you may wish to plan this during the moon's natural inward pull (waning); and your inner work may benefit from the signs of the zodiac most exalted for such a thing (deep, reflective Scorpio or grounded, focused Taurus)

I also offer free help with the planning for up to one month after the class to get you started on this journey!  I can be your free coach as you set out to learn these useful techniques (and I only charge a nominal fee for further assistance!)

But I hope you'll join me on this learning adventure and allow me to show you these historically helpful insights.  Our culture has forgotten and fallen away from much of this knowledge that used to be commonly shared & understood between us; and I am here to mostly just remind you of what they are and how to tap into them.

*Pre-registration required, or class may be cancelled.
*No refunds on tickets once purchased unless class in cancelled/postponed