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Tick Talk: Lyme Awareness, Prevention, & Care

  • Garden Dreams Urban Farm & Nursery 806 Holland Avenue Pittsburgh, PA, 15221 United States (map)

Class Cancelled :-(  If you are interested, we truly need you to pre-register!  This will hopefully be re-scheduled soon!

Join us before Summer really kicks off to discuss all that we can about the recent upsurge of tick-borne illnesses.

I remember a time not long ago when I was so intimidated by Lyme; and as a squeamish person, I struggled to read about the effects and details about the disease. As Lyme rapidly moved into my hometown and surrounding area (here in Pittsburgh), things got serious. Ticks began showing up in droves, and many people I know have dealt with bites of varying degrees. I've sucked it up, and have studied and learned about Lyme for the past 3+ years in our region and elsewhere. I feel I have much to share based on these experiences and my one-on-one dealings with the issue.

We'll go over a wide array of options and ideas for preventing the disease (for ourselves and/or others around us), and we'll spend some time covering the various protocols for managing tick bites of all kinds.

What you'll come away with:

~A working knowledge of what Lyme generally is (though there are MANY schools of thought regarding this, and we will discuss all we can of those as well)

~Easy & effective ways to be more mindful of all aspects of this epidemic: how to naturally avoid ticks and tick-heavy areas outdoors

~Self-hacks I've discovered for avoiding ticks and bites. These are not employed enough in Lyme regions, and my goal in teaching this class is to spread this knowledge.

~Useful ways to treat bites

~Effective ways to manage Lyme if already contracted (healthy practices for limiting the effects of chronic Lyme, what to do if you've had a possible Lyme bite, and more)

+so much more from my experience helping and knowing people with Lyme!

I hope to see you there!

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