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I would admittedly like to see more being done about the increase in over-sized,  destructive housing plans that are cropping up across all local communities, and perhaps I can find some solution to this problem within these groups and the people affiliated with these groups.

The results of these plans can only be seen and felt from a trained eye and a trained heart.  One must be able to experience the land BEFORE the houses go up, BEFORE the fields are paved and the trucks are brought in.  Only then does one understand what is lost when this occurs.  So you can see how the dissociation happens so simply.  Only then does one notice that the fields were once swarming with fireflies in the summer, and that the fireflies do not thrive here anymore.  Only then does one notice that the wild edible plants that once offered an abundance of healing and nutrition are now either wiped away with one sweep of the weed whacker, or now sprayed by the property maintenance folks responsible for the new housing plan.

So many of us are no longer connected to the land in these ways, and so the land gets erased.  My hope is that more people will realize what is going on and will help to stand against this pointless destruction.

In Good News:

A milestone for Pittsburgh conservation!!!  Over 660 acres have been "gifted" to the city of Pittsburgh to become Pittsburgh's now-largest city park!   Considering this was originally going to be a casino, a racetrack, and a hotel, I would say we have struck gold.  Click the image to follow the link to the article, or visit here:

More on Conservation coming soon